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February 10th-23rd 2019

The main region that we will be visiting is the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. The main economic driver is Agribusiness. The state of Mato Grosso leads Brazil in cattle production - 27 million head. They are a major producer of soybeans in Brazil expected production of 22 million metric tons for 2012. They produce 51% of Brazil's and 3.9% of the World's cotton.

30 years ago most of the State of Mato Grosso was in (thick forest) or Cerrado (savannah brush). There were no highways, just dirt roads hundreds of kilometers long cutting through the dense tropical forest. The state Mato Grosso has experienced a particular large increase of agricultural production over the last 20 years, as it more than doubled its cropland mainly for the planting of soybeans and sugar cane for food and biofuel production. The region saw a large increase in cropland, a decrease in natural pasture, and a very large increase in planted pasture during the time period 1980-1995, making Mato Grosso one of the most rapidly changing states within Brazilian Agriculture.


Day 1 February 10th 2019 -–– SAO PAULO (MEALS:B,L,D)

Arrival in São Paulo
Meet your guide in the airport

Transfer to the hotel

Free time to relax after your flight and freshen up before dinner

Overnight in Sao Paulo
Hotel Blue Tree Faria Lima or similar

Day 2– February 11th – SAO PAULO (B L )

Breakfast at the hotel
City tour in Sao Paulo

ABOUT SAO PAULO:Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, the largest city in the southern hemisphere and the Americas and the world's seventh largest city by population.

São Paulo is the capital of the state of São Paulo, It exerts strong regional influence in commerce, finance, arts and entertainment and a strong international influence.


Visit FAESP - Agricultural Federation of Sao Paulo
Overview of Agriculture in Brazil, focusing on the main cultivated crops and forecasts for the future.

Free time to enjoy

Day 3 February 12th– SAO PAULO / CAMPO GRANDE (B - -)

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to the airport flight to Campo Grande

Transfer to the restaurant


Visit a feedlot
The city of Campo Grande MS is one of the largest centers of national livestock. The feedlot, which is 20 km from the city center, has a static capacity of 50 thousand animals and can reach 150 thousand animals per year.


Overnight in Campo Grande

Day 4 - February 13th - CAMPO GRAND

Breakfast at the hotel

Visit Embrapa Research Center
The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) is a public research institution linked to the Ministry of Agriculture , Livestock and Supply of Brazil. It’s objective is the development of technologies, knowledge and technical-scientific information for Brazilian agriculture and livestock.

Transfer to the restaurant Lunch

Visit a grain farm
Medium sized farm, around 600 hectares, dedicated to soybean and corn crops. The business model is based on a modern production system with state-of-the-art technology, strict cost control and socio-environmental responsibility.

Free time & Dinner

Overnight in Campo Grande

Day 5 - February 14th - CAMPO GRANDE

Breakfast at the hotel

Visit a Beef Cattle Farm
Beef Cattle Farm with full integration of livestock activity, focuses on the most modern evaluation methodology, known as the Breeding Program of the Nelore Breed (PMGRN), evaluating its animals for characteristics of weight gain and fertility. The farm has around 2000 hectares.

Transfer to the restaurant


Visit a Grain Producer Association Represented non-profit class, made up of rural producers linked to the soy, maise and other grains of Mato Grosso do Sul. It represents rights, interests and duties of grain producers, developing actions and projects that aim at the sustainable growth of the productive chains of the sector in the State.

Free time


Overnight in Campo Grande

Day 6 - February 15th - CAMPO GRANDE/MIRANDA

Breakfast at the hotel

Visit a Seed Processing Plant

Genetic material multiplier with a total production capacity of around 1,400,000 thousand bags with soybean seeds produced with high quality control, a registered trademark of the company.


Drive to Miranda - 210 km- 02h40 driving

Visit a Cattle and grain farm
In the part of agriculture, the Farm focuses on the production of rice. In Livestock, intensive with cow-calf operation/background feeding.

The Farm works with Synchronized Artifical Insemination (IATF). Collection and Transfer of Embryo’s, Semi-confinement and Confinement. They also use Genetic Assessment through Molecular Markers. The breeds produced on the farm are:

Nelore (zebu) Montana Tropical and Senepol. The property has 2,500 hectares of pastures formed by brachiarao, Tanzania and Brachiafaia decumbens, but more than half of the Farm preserves the characteristics of the Pantanal.

Free time to enjoy the Hotel

Dinner Wildlife Night Focus

We find in the Pantanal a great diversity of animals with night eating habits. Animals like the cub, ocelots, tapirs, caimans, capybaras, deer, owls, some birds, and the impressive jaguar. Here is the possibility of visitors to find some of these animals in the tour held at night.

Overnight in Miranda

Day 7 - February 16th MIRANDA/BONITO (B, L -)

Breakfast at the hotel

Photo Safari and Trail in the Miranda River Forest

The road runs between the reserves of native forests and Pantanal, rice fields and visit the paddocks of farm livestock in order to spot and know the flora and fauna of the Pantanal, in addition to the production activities of the farm. On this tour it is possible to see animals like deer, capybaras, alligators and may birds such as Jabriu—bird symbol of Pantanal. With luck one can see anteaters, tapirs and even the majestic jaguar. During the safari it is possible to walk the Trail Caranda, suspended track the overlaps the riparian forest of Rio Miranda.


Boat tour in Miranda River

The punt ride is held in Corixo Santa Domingo—a Miranda River arm. On this tour you can see birds that live on the banks of rivers like the kingfisher fisherman, cormorants, egrets, herons, hawks and many others. The alligators is often seen closely. With luck, otters and even anteaters can cross in front of the boat.

Drive to Bonito -133 km– 01h40 driving

Free time


Overnight in Bonito

Wetiga Hotel or similar https://wetigahotel.com.br

Day 8 - February 17th- BONITO (B L - )

Breakfast at the hotel

Visit the Blue Lagoon Cavern

From a magical beauty, which begins with a 150 meters walk in the woods to the entrance of the cave, descends a staircase dug into the earth, surprising with speleothems thousands of years old and the lake with intensely blue water, one of the more beautiful natural beauties.

NOTE: the use of tennis/runners shoes is mandatory.

Fluctuation in the Natural Aquarium

Snorkeling at Natural Aquarium– the environment itself is filled with colourful fish and plants, which work together to make a gorgeous underwater view.

Free time/ Dinner

Overnight in Bonito


Breakfast at the hotel

Drive to Dourados / Lunch/ Drive to Navirai

Visit a Grain Farm Medium farm—800 hectares, owned by members of Copersul Cooperative. The farm produces corn and soybeans, using the Direct planting technique and two harvests per year.


Overnight in Umuarana
Hotal Caiua or similar


Breakfast at the hotel

Visit a grain co-operative
The agro industrial cooperative counts on more than 4 thousand associates and 5 thousand direct collaborators, contributing to a turnover of more than 500 thousand dollars per year. The industries contribute to 75% of this turnover, with products marketed all over the country and abroad in countries such as: Holland, Germany, Spain Canary Islands, England, Uruguay, Chile, Aruba, South Africa, Croatia, Irag, Qatar, Bahrain, Japan, China, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Macedonia

Visit a Research Center
CPA– Center for Agriculture Research, focusing its research on cultivators of soybean and summer corn, management and hybrids, nematodes, disease management in soybean and increased productivity.
Free time / Dinner
Overnight in Cascavel
Breakfast at the hotel

Day 11 - February 20th - CASCAVEL (B L D)

Breakfast at the hotel

Drive to Campo Mourao - 110 km - 01h30 driving

Visit a grain farm
Farm of 2 thousand hectares, destined to the plantation of soybean and maize as second culture, works with intensive plantation and no-tillage. Both soy and corn are transgenic products.

Transfer to the restaurant/ Lunch

Drive to Cascavel

Visit a feedlot
A venture originated from the union of cattle ranchers, technicians and investors. With the objective of creating a bovine breed with good market prospects, in the most professional way possible and in the form of a company. The place of origin of the majority of the animals that nake up the main herd is the region of the Paraguayan Chaco. The choice of importing animals from the Chaco region is due to the great supply of genetic material adapted to an adverse climate where there is a very serious work of the Mennonite colonies, being animals selected 40 years ago for fertility, adaptability, maternal ability, yield weight and weight gain. This feedlot works with the Brahman, Angus and Simental breeds.

Free time/ Dinner

Overnight in Cascavel

Day 12 - February 21st - CASCAVEL/CEU AZUL/FOZ DO IGUACU

Visit a Seeds Company
From the soil analyzes, technicians and agronomists make the recommendation for soil correction and fertilization and indicate the most appropriate seed cultivars for each situation, produced and analyzed in their own laboratories. Subsequently, the technicians follow up indicating the necessary inputs to guarantee the best results.

Transfer to the restaurant / Lunch

Drive to Céu Azul - 50 km - 01h00 driving

Visit a Dairy Farm with bio Digestor
1300 hectares of arable land, performing activities in agriculture, dairy farming and reforestation. It has 900 confined animals, of which 510 are in lactation. Produces 19,000 liters of milk/day. Also produces 150 tons of dairy cattle per day, all of which is directed to a biodigester, generating 720m³ of biogas / day, which in turn supplies a generator (33Kva / hour), which supplies 25% of the electric power needs of the property, can sell the excess produced to the State Power Company.
Drive to Foz do Iguaçu

Dinner / Overnight in Foz do Iguaçu
Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort and Convention http:/recantocataratasresort.com.br/

Day 13 - February 22nd - FOZ DU IGUACA/ARGENTINA

Breakfast at the hotel
Transfer to Itaipu Power Plant

Visit the Itaipu Power Plant

Cross the Border to Argentina


Visit the Argentinean side of falls

Gran Aventura Jet Boat Tour

Free time

Special Farewell Show Dinner

Overnight in Foz do Iguaçu

Day 14 - February 23rd - FOZ DO IGUACA/SAO PAULO

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to the Brazilian Side of the Falls / Lunch

Transfer to the airport

Check in at the flight company

Flight to Sao Paulo

Flight home to Canada


February 10th-23rd 2019

Pricing : Land Only

Twin Share: Land Only = $ 5875 per person

Single travellers please add extra $1223

Land Package includes: all hotels, coach transfer, domestic flights, sightseeing per itinerary, farm and technical visits, English speaking tour guide, coach & driver, meals per itinerary.

Not included in Land Package:

*International Flights can be booked on air points or requested through Leader Tours Inc. *Brazilian Entry Visa: You must apply for e-visa to travel to Brazil http://vancouver.itamaraty.gov.br/en-us/e-visa(can...

For more information please call or email: Lawrence Rowley

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