Association & Incentive Travel Program

Engage and grow your membership base and customers by running your own travel program!

Incentive travel is business-related travel that is designed to provide motivation or incentives to help businesspeople become more successful. Incentive travel is business travel that helps engage and motivate association members, company employees, partners & customers.

Leader Tours will develop a travel program that will focus on your specific industry. It could be an agricultural focused tour of Brazil, a business trade mission to Europe, or a sports group going to a football final or anything in between. Whatever destination you wish to focus on, we will customize a travel program that fits your needs and encourages your members and clients to sign up through your organization.

How does the travel program work?

  • Choose a destination
  • You tell us what you would like included – Ex. 70% technical visits 30% tourist activities?
  • Leader Tours will develop the itinerary with your input and suggestions
  • Once itinerary is confirmed & signed off by you or your company– we will produce flyers and landing page for promotion to the members
  • Leader Tours will manage the whole booking process from start to finish. (taking enquiries, travel presentations, tour changes, flights changes, documents, information on visa requirements)
  • All we need from your organization is your support to help promote the program!

Why this works well for organizations like yours?

  • Networking opportunity
  • Grow your customer/membership base
  • Relationship building – sales team, company partners, general public and member organizations
  • Increase sponsorship options for your partners & clients
  • Freshen up your program offerings
  • New revenue stream – for very little time & resources on your part

What are the benefits for your Customers / Members?

  • Custom built itinerary (they cannot find the same tour by walking into their local travel agency) It is unique & offered only through Leader Tours
  • Itinerary that reflects their interest
  • Networking opportunity – potential business partnerships & developing friendships
  • Unique experiences -visits they would never get to experience if travelling individually.
  • Partial TAX writes-off due to technical visits on our program
  • Group Travel – safe way to travel, no hassle, just sit back and enjoy the sights, we take care of all the travel details!

Leader Tours provides the following services…

  • Build a customized group tour itinerary (based on your wishes and input)
  • Produce all brochures & flyers if required
  • Produce booking forms to make the booking procedure quick and easy for your members/customers
  • Administer the entire booking procedure including payments and documentation
  • Offer Travel Insurance/ Trip Cancellation
  • Information evening to encourage group members to sign up (if required)
  • Field all enquiries
  • Provide web landing page (if required)
  • Help organize branded travel jackets/vest for the group or other customer gifts